What are you doing for your wife this Mother’s Day on May 9? 

A gift is fun

Flowers are nice

One thing moms really want is APPRECIATION.

Showing appreciation isn’t just about saying thank you and I love you. It’s also about putting time and energy into showing her why she is special and what she really means to the kids and you.



A Mother’s Day Kit includes

  1. 5 customizable cards
  2. Paper streamers 
  3. Large sign
  4. Paper ribbon
  5. Message sheets
  6. Heart cut-outs
  7. Origami flowers
  8. Day off coupons
  9. Chalkboard paper (Printed Kit only)
**You will need supplies such as scissors, colored pencils or paints, and tape to help you make and display the crafts.

Digital Mother’s Day Kit

We’ll email you a digital PDF of each of the crafts. The chalk paper is not included.
You can print off each craft with your own paper and colors at home or use a local printer. We provide instructions and suggested paper styles and weights for each craft. 





2021 Digital Kits available now!

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Printed Mother’s Day Kit

Each craft is pre-printed and shipped directly to you making it easier for you to get started. We’ll select the right paper color and thickness and send a few additional things listed below.
Included is a digital PDF of all the files in case you want to print off additional crafts.
+ Chalk paper & chalk
+ 8 balloons

+ Envelop for coupons

+ Shipping flat rate $10

2021 Kits start shipping now!

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Learn more about the Mother’s Day Kit


In this video, I share some general information about the Kit and why I think you will love the impact it has on your wife and your kids.

The Kit takes a little work and some creativity so have fun with it!

What made this Kit special in our family…



I’m happy you are checking out this approach to making Mother’s Day memorable for your wife. I have two kids, Jack and Evie. Both love their mom and enjoy making Mother’s Day special. 

Evie and I came up with the Mother’s Day Kit idea about 7 years ago. We would work on a variety of crafts for her mom on Mother’s Day. We had fun working together to create new ways to celebrate the happy occasion. I thought it would be a good idea to share it with the world and see if it could be a tradition in other families. The Mother’s Day Kit was born.

If you decide to buy a Kit, let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you.